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Acta Orthopaedica is owned by the Nordic Orthopaedic Federation and is thereby a non-profit journal. Since 2005 Acta is a so called platinum Open Access journal which means that articles without any embargo, and with no costs to authors, are immediately free after the authors have accepted proofs. The articles are presented in PubMed (abstract) with a link to PubMedCentral (full article). Furthermore, the entire Acta production, including the Supplements, since the very start in 1930 is free at Informa Healthcare.

No cost for authors

Acta's Open Access is free of cost also to authors. In addition the the cost for print of color figures is born by Acta.


Acta comes with free app for iPhone, iPad and Android with free access to all articles.

Creative commons; no copyright

Acta articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial License (CC BY-NC-ND), which permits any non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the source is credited. This means that Acta has no copyright on your article; you as an author, and others, are free to use it for all non-commercial purposes.


Almost all clinical and laboratory experiments require statistical considerations for planning and evaluation. It has been shown repeatedly that articles-even in high-ranking journals-surprisingly often contain inadequate statistics. Since 1993, Acta has been taking advantage of an experienced biostatistician to make sure that the conclusions presented in a manuscript are supported by the data, and that any weaknesses and limitations imposed by the study design, data collection, and statistical analysis are pointed out to the reader.


Göran Bauer was the head of the Department of Orthopedics in Lund 1969-1989 and Editor of Acta 1983-1993. He regarded knee arthroplasty a large-scale experiment the outcome of which deserved close monitoring. Thus, he became the major promoter of a nationwide registration and in 1975 the world-wide first national arthroplasty register was started: the Swedish Knee Arthroplasty Register ( It was soon (1979) followed by the The Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register ( Since then many countries have started similar national Registers. We firmly believe that Acta, with its Open Access, is an appropriate journal for effective dissemination of these registry studies! Since 2010 we have published an increasing number of arthroplasty registry studies (19 in 2011), most of them highly cited.


An article, a series of articles or a review of a series of articles may be accepted for publication as a supplement. This applies particularly to papers that have academic status, notably the doctoral thesis. So far Acta has published 350 supplements.

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