Identification NumberTitleAuthor
9979Does BMI influence hospital stay and morbidity after fasttrack hip and knee arthroplasty?Henrik Husted et al.
9890Zoledronic acid in vivo increases in vitro proliferation of rat mesenchymal stromal cellsTerhi J Heino et al.
9884Routine functional assessment for hip fracture patientsTonny J Pedersen and Jens M Lauritsen
9820Implant survival and radiographic outcome of total hip replacement in patients less than 20 years olMasako Tsukanaka et al.
9804Do different types of bearings and noise from total hip arthroplasty influence hip-related pain, funClaus Varnum et al.
9637New Zealand Joint Registry data underestimates the rate of prosthetic joint infectionMark Zhu et al.
9623No difference in long-term development of rotator cuff rupture and muscle volumes in impingement patSaara Ketola et al.
9577Rotational deformities of the long bones can be corrected with rotationally guided growth during theMutlu Cobanoglu et al.
9564Association between maternal age at conception and risk of idiopathic clubfootYu-bin Liu et al.
9551Patient-specific instrumentation does not improve radiographic alignment or clinical outcomes after Henricus J. T. A. M. Huijbregts et al.
9469Periprosthetic tibial bone mineral density changes after total knee arthroplastyAntti Jaroma et al.
9338Palacos compared to Palamed bone cement in total hip replacement: a randomized controlled trialJoris E Meinardi et al.
9304Overtreatment of displaced midshaft clavicle fracturesIlija Ban et al.
9269Outcomes of unilateral and bilateral total knee arthroplasty in 238,373 patientsEric R Bohm et al.
9216Surgery of non-spinal skeletal metastases in renal cell carcinomaMaire Ratasvuori et al.
9040Association between alcohol consumption and rotator cuff tearDaniele Passaretti et al.
8978Development and validation of an automated and marker-free CT-based spatial analysis method (CTSA) fThierry Scheerlinck et al.
8929The role of "cell therapy" in osteonecrosis of the femoral headCostas Papa kostidis et al.
8922The first 6 weeks of recovery after total knee arthroplasty with fast trackJeroen C van Egmond et al.
8912Good outcome of total hip replacement in patients with cerebral palsyGarry King et al.
8884Worse health-related quality of life and hip function in female patients with elevated chromium leveDaniel K Hussey et al
8878Increased migration of uncemented acetabular cups in female total hip arthroplasty patients with lowSami Finnlä et al.
8870Poor patient-reported outcome after hip replacement, related to poor perception of perioperative infFerid Krupic
8727Experimental models for cancellous bone healing in the ratMagnus Bernhardsson et al.
8703Gluteal muscle fatty atrophy is not associated with elevated blood metal ions or pseudotumors in patAleksi Reito et al.
8662Osseointegrated total knee replacement connected to a lower limb prosthesis: 4 casesAditya Khemka et al.
8623Muscular strength after total hip arthroplastySiri B Winther et al.
8603Mixing of components from different manufacturers in total hip arthroplasty: prevalence and comparatKeith Tucker et al.
8491PTH 1-34 (teriparatide) may not improve healing in proximal humerus fracturesTorsten Johansson
8481Local delivery of a selective androgen receptor modulator failed as an anabolic agent in a rat bone Hannu T Aro et al.
8472Similar effect of stem geometry on radiological changes with 2 types of cemented straight stemMartin Clauss et al.
8418Articular cartilage of the knee 3 years after ACL reconstructionJi-Hoon Bae et al.
8277Radiographic severity of osteoarthritis preoperatively is related to the outcome of total hip arthroClaire Tilbury et al.
8258The incidence of late prosthetic joint infectionsKaisa Huota et al.
8209Open reduction and internal fixation aided by intraoperativeHenrik Eckardt et al.
8203Medium-term follow-up of 92 femoral component revisions using a third-generation cementing techniqueMartijn A J TE Stroet et al.
8170Evidence and practice in spine registriesMiranda L van Hooff et al.
81322-year follow-up report on micromotion of a short tibia stemMats Molt,Sören Toksvig-Larsen
8082Gait improvement surgery in ambulatory children with diplegic cerebral palsyTerje Terjesen et al.
8038Continued stabilization of Triathlon cemented TKAMats Molt et al.
8011More than 95% completeness of reported procedures in the population-based Dutch Arthroplasty RegisteLiza N van Steenbergen et al.
7967Role of Wnt/Beta-catenin and RANKL/OPG in bone healing of diabetic Charcot arthropathy patientsAgnetha Folestad et al.
7944Total ankle replacement for posttraumatic arthritisRebecca A Nieuwe Weme et al.
7928Increased risk of revision of cementless stemmed total hip arthroplasty with metal-on-metal bearingsClaus Varnum et al.
7918Treatment of proximal humerus fractures in the elderlyAntti P Launonen et al.
7862Effect of rotational alignment on outcome of total kneeKars P Valkering et al.
7825Risk of atypical femoral fracture during and after bisphosphonate useJorg Schilcher et al.
7800Moderate varus/valgus malalignment after total knee arthroplasty has little effect on knee function Justinas Stucinskas et al.
7797Anatomic shoulder replacement for primary osteoarthritis in patients over 80 yearsIker Iriberri et al.
7791Good sensitivity and specificity of ultrasound for detecting pseudotumors in 83 failed metal-on-metaOlli Lainiala et al.
7739Persistent pain is common 1–2 years after shoulder replacementKaren T Bjørnholdt et al.
7718Local infiltration analgesia is not improved by postoperative intra-articular bolus injections for pKaren V Andersen et al.
7663Early subsidence of shape-closed hip arthroplasty stems is associated with late revisionPaul van der Voort et al.
7581Cirrhosis is a risk factor for total hip arthroplasty for avascular necrosisThomas Deleuran et al.
7564Muscle atrophy and metal-on-metal hip implantsReshid Berber et al.
7544The “true” incidence of surgically treated deep prosthetic joint infection after 32,896 primary totaPer Hviid Gundtoft et al.
7534Similar outcome after retention or sacrifice of the posterior cruciate ligament in total knee arthroWiebe C Verra et al.
7515Precision of radiostereometric analysis (RSA) of acetabularAudrey K Nebergall et al.
7372Hydroxyapatite coating does not improve uncemented stem survival after total hip arthroplasty!Nils P Hailer et al.
7276Risk factors for perioperative hyperglycemia in primary hip and knee replacementsEsa Jämsen et al.
7259Prevalence and clinical significance of occult fractures in children with radiograph-negative acute Abolfazl Najaf-Zadeh et al.
7145Costs analysis and comparison of usefulness of acute MRI and 2 weeks of cast immobilization for clinTorbjørn Bergh et al.
7096Risk of re-admission, reoperation, and mortality within 90 days of total hip and knee arthroplasty iEva N Glassou et al.
7059No functional benefit of larger femoral heads and alternative bearings at 6 months following primarySimon S Jameson et al.
7013A comparison of the diagnostic accuracy of MARS MRI and ultrasound of the painful metal-on-metal hipImran A Siddiqui et al.
7009Osteoarthritis treatment using autologous conditioned serum after placeboMarijn Rutgers et al.
6947Age- and health-related quality of life after total hip replacementMax Gordon et al.
6905Projections of total hip replacement in Sweden from 2013 to 2030Szilárd Nemes et al.
6792Countrywise results of total hip replacementKeijo T Mäkela et al.
6776Prognostic factors for local recurrence and mortality in adult soft tissue sarcoma of the extremitieKatja Maretty-Nielsen et al.
6729A single topical dose of erythropoietin applied on a collagen carrier enhances calvarial bone healinJan Hendrik et al.
6674Histology of 8 atypical femoral fracturesJörg Schilcher et al.
6660Dichotomous location of 160 atypical femoral fracturesVeronika A Koeppen, Jörg Schilcher, and Per Aspenberg
6657F-FDG microPET imaging differentiates between septic and aseptic wound healing after orthopedic implJim CE Odekerken et al.
6577 Increased risk of revision in patients with non-traumatic femoral head necrosisCamilla Bergh et al.
6563No association between serum metal ions and implant fixation in large-head metal-on-metal total hip Mette Holm Hjorth et al.
6484Metal release and metal allergy after total hip replacement with resurfacing versus conventional hybKlas Gustafson et al.
6425Can total knee arthroplasty be safely performed in patients with chronic renal disease?Alexander Miric et al.
6359Different patient-reported outcomes in immigrants and patients born in SwedenFerid Krupic et al.
6158Toll-like receptors in human chondrocytes and osteoarthritic cartilageTarvo Sillat et al.
6152Minimal clinically important improvement (MCII) and patient- acceptable symptom state (PASS) in totaAksel Paulsen et al.
6066Eliciting health state utilities for Dupuytren’s contracture using a discrete choice experimentNing Yan Gu et al.
5993Trends of non-union and prescriptions for non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs in the United States,Zhong Wang,Timothy Bhattacharyya
5819Surgical treatment of Rockwood grade-V acromioclavicular joint dislocationsKaisa j Virtanen et al.
5748Preoperative waiting time increased the risk of periprosthetic infection in patients with femoral neMarianne Westberg et al.
5747Risk factors for aseptic loosening of Müller-type straight stemsMartin Clauss et al.
5705Surgical treatment of Neer type-II fractures of the distal clavicleSylvia A Stageman et al.
5693Trabecular metal tibia still stable at 5 yearsAnders Henricson et al.
5645The role of the acetabular labrum in hip dysplasiaCharlotte Hartig-Andreasen et al.
5614Periprosthetic Vancouver type B1 and C fractures treated by locking-plate osteosynthesisLonnie Froberg, Anders Troelsen, and Michael Brix
5608Predictors of mortality following primary hip and knee replacement in the agedEsa Jämsen et al.
5546Comparison of internal and external fixation of distal radius fracturesXuetao Xie et al.
5482Early proximal migration of cups is associated with late revision in THABart G Pijls et al.
5477Early migration of tibial components is associated with late revisionBart G Pijls et al.
5474Comparison of allograft-prosthetic composite reconstruction and modular prosthetic replacement in pMaria Grazia Benedetti et al.
5465Guideline on anterior cruciate ligament injuryDuncan E Meuffels et al.
5347Metal ion levels and lymphocyte counts: ASR hip resurfacing prosthesis vs. standard THAJeanette O Penny et al.
5292Development of the Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score for Children (KOOS-Child)Maria Örtqvist et al.
5277Prognostic factors in lumbar spinal stenosis surgeryFreyr G Sigmundsson et al.
5260Multi-state models and arthroplasty histories after unilateral total hip arthroplastiesMarianne H Gillam et al.
5208Feasibility of 4 patient-reported outcome measures in a registry settingAksel Paulsen et al.
5071Analysis of bone mineralization on uncemented femoral stems by [18F]-fluoride-PETGösta Ullmark et al.
4963Stable fixation of an osseointegated implant system for above-the-knee amputeesAudrey K Nebergall et al.
4935RSA prediction of high failure rate for the uncoated Interax TKA confirmed by meta-analysisBart G Pijls et al.
4746Dutch guideline on total hip prosthesisBart Swierstra et al.
4640The effect of adding tobramycin to Simplex P cement on femoral stem micromotion as measured by radioEric Bohm et al.
4638Operative and nonoperative treatment of clavicle fractures in adultsKaisa J Virtanen et al.
4558Interleukin-7 levels in synovial fluid increase with age and MMP-1 levels decrease with progression René Rübenhagen et. al.
4442Clinical outcome after undisplaced femoral neck fracturesJan-Erik Gjertsen et al.
4437Hydroxyapatite (HA) coating appears to be of benefit for implant durability of tibial components in Jeffrey D Voigt and Michael Mosier
4132No evidence of a clinically important effect of adding local infusion analgesia administrated througKirsten Specht et al.
4132No evidence of a clinically important effect of adding local infusion analgesia administrated througKirsten Specht et al.
4050Elevation of circulating HLA DR+ CD8+ T-cellsNils P Hailer et. al.
3981/10Histology of an undisplaced femoral fatigue fracture in association with bisphosphonate treatmentPer Aspenberg et al.
3967/10The effect of hospital volume on length of stay, re-admissions, and complications of total hip arthrKeijo T Mäkelä et al.
3888/10Periprosthetic bone mineral density and fixationOlof Wolf et al.
3843Development of simulated arthroscopic skillsAndersen et. al.
3813/106-year follow-up of 84 patients with cartilage defects in theSverre Løken et al.
3791/10Cobalt ions induce chemokine secretion in a variety of systemic cell linesBrian M Devitt et al.
3790/10Canadian Joint Replacement Registry, KneeBhom et al.
3790/10Canadian Joint Replacement Registry, HipBhom et al.
3730/10Soft tissue damage after minimally invasive THAJakob van Oldenrijk et al.
3728/10Fluid pressure and flow as a cause of bone resorptionAnna Fahlgren et. al.
3590/10Hip resurfacing arthroplastyMarijke van Gerwen et al.
3192/09No positive effect of autologous platelet gel after total knee arthroplastyJoost C. Peerbooms et al.
3069/09A biodegradable antibiotic delivery system based on poly(trimethylene carbonate) for the treatment..Daniëlle Neut et al.
3061/09Does patella resurfacing really matter? Pain and function in 972 patients after primary total knee Stein Håkon Låstad Lygre et al.
2965/09C-reactive protein levels after four different types of arthroplastyHao Shen et al.
2790/09Shoulder rhythm in patients with impingement and controlsErling Hallström, Johan Kärrholm
2771/09Open reduction and internal fixation compared to closed reduction and external fixation in distal...Antonio Abramo et al.
2738/09Lower limb deformity due to failed trauma treatment corrected with the Ilizarov techniqueHJ Oostenbroek et al.
10437Thromboembolic and major bleeding events in relation to perioperative bridging of vitamin K antagoniChristoffer C Jorgensen et al.
10210Factors that can predict pain with walking, 12 months after total knee arthroplastyMaren Falch Lindberg et al.
10159Early mortality and morbidity after total hip arthroplasty in patients with femoral neck fractureNils P Hailer et al.
10014Trabecular metal tibias still stable at 10 yearsAnders Henricson and Kjell G Nilsson
10006Arthroplasty for tenosynovial giant cell tumorsFloortje G M Verspoor et al.
0902Low rate of infected knee replacementsJämsen et al.
0901The Western Ontario Shoulder Instability Index...Salomonsson et al.
0803Persistence of bacterial growth on antibiotic-loaded beadsAnagnostakos et al.
0802Long-term cost and effect on quality of life of osteoporosisrelated fractures in SwedenStröm et al.
0801Assessment of leech therapy for knee osteoarthritisAndereya et al.
0701Dectection of gene...Okabe et al.
0603Mitochondrial genesMeyer and Meyer
0602Neck CineradiographyBengt Mjöberg
0601Neck CineradiographyBengt Mjöberg
Conversion to below-elbow cast after 3 weeks is safe for diaphyseal both-bone forearm fractures in cJost W Colars et al.

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